CAT FACT!!!!!!
Neutering is not just an important means of population control, it also helps to curb many undesirable habits that cats develop after becoming mature. Intact males are more likely to roam, and pick fights with other animals. This combined with regular sexual activity makes them far more vulnerable to disease and injury than a neutered male. You you keep your cat inside but then he will most likely spray any and everything he can find in an attempt to keep away other toms and attract any females in heat. And un-neutered females are no picnic either! Females in heat are desperate to find mates and will do whatever they can to escape even if they are normal indoor cats. They will also howl incessantly and some will even urinate around the house in order to attract a tom.  Even if you mange to endure a heat cycle without your female cat becoming pregnant you can look forward to it happening again in a few weeks time. females go in and out of oestrus for the entirety of the season (approx. April-October) until they become pregnant. We all love kittens but paying for new litters every few months can get very pricey very quickly. 
Bonny and Clyde

This is Bonny and Clyde they are brother and sister.Bonny is all white with a few black markings and Clyde is all black with a few white markings. They are six years old and they are both neutered. Due to the ill health of both the owners and having to move into sheltered accommodation they no longer have access to a garden so spend 24 hours a day inside. They are both litter trained and are both in good health. Ideally because they have been together for the last six years they need to be rehomed together. They both love having cuddles. Bonny and Clyde do not like dogs and unsure about other cats. Before they had to move they loved been in the garden Bonny would play and Clyde would just lay all day and watch her. They have being used to been round children as well. They have both been regulaly wormed and flead.

If you are interested in adopting Bonny and Clyde, please contact our Homing officer on 07783 838657.

MISS EBBS - Fostered in Hanford
After a long long time with us recovering (almost 12months), the beautiful Miss Ebbs is finally ready for homing. This adorably sweet lady needs a very special home due to her medication needs. Miss Ebbs needs to have steroid tablets every other day due to her allergy.
Miss Ebbs was found in very poor condition living in someone's garden (see pics) but has recovered fantastically well, so much so, that she simply loves to have all of your attention and show you her love and gratitude.
She does not want to share her owner with another pet or young children and told us that she most definitely needs someone who will let their lap be readily available for her to relax and get lots of cuddles on. 
Miss Ebbs adores company and, though not a cat toy fanatic, likes to get involved with whatever her owner is doing, everything has to be investigated.
Miss Ebbs has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and is up to date with flea and worm treatment.
If you are interested in adopting Miss Ebbs, please contact our Homing Officer on 07783 838657.