Welcome to the Stoke & Newcastle Branch of Cats Protection

We are just one of many branches that form a part of the nationwide charity of Cats Protection.

We cover postcodes ST1-11, ST13 and CW12, but will rehome further afield.


This petite little girl is approximately 1 year old and has done a wonderful job of bringing up her first litter of babies, who are now almost the same size as she is! Ellie is very shy with anyone she doesn't know and will initially hide, so will need some patience to settle into her new home. Once she feels safe, she will be affectionate and loving as she is with her fosterer.


Lizzie  The Smallest of the litter but big on personality and character - very bossy and independent.

Lily  The Class Clown - always up to mischief. Loves her toys but first for a fuss.

Maggie  The Greedy one - loves food, toys and attention, in that order.


Woody  The Affectionate one of the bunch, he is always last to the feeding bowl as he would rather stay and have an extra cuddle.

Harry The Fun kitten - always ready for a game, and the last one to settle down when the toys are out.

What a gorgeous little family <3